I'm down on my knees



I've been meaning to tell you how much you mean to me 

Louise, let it be

So I can find my way back home again


I was waiting for you to come home

Chilling out all alone

Yah he yah he yah

Remember bout the birds and the breeze

The first time in winters breeze


The outlook's good the futures clear

In my mind I hold you dear

I never wanted anything any other way

You're the sun on a rain filled day


At night lie in bed and think about what might have been

If I had met in you that classroom on that cold winters

All my fears are washed away by showers of love every day

And I hope thus feeling last forever



And I screamed yah he yah he yah

And I screamed yah he yah he yah


And when I was lost

On a cold winters day

You give me strenght

So I might be brave

And I will love you,

'Til my dying day

And then some

And then some

And then some




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