When a hero comes to call

As a letter bears his name

It feels like life's breezed by

In 40 days

See... nothings ever free,

And freedoms always gained

And I hear the the unsung voices 

To call my name....


Call my name...


I was always free

Thanks to countless unknown names

That we carve into granite 

While we weep

Cause nothings ever free

Aand freedoms always gained

And I hear their unsung voices


Call my name



All that I feel,

All that I seek,

In a braving dare,

Right in front of me,


So this relates,

To all the men that are free,

Waving there 

Bright in front of me,


Now that they're gone,

In the moment I feel

That I'm standing there 

In the wake of God


And I was falling back 

To the way that I feel,

And I was standing there

And its all right in front of me


Recalling back and the way that I feel,

When the melting moon hits the sky 

Its seems its all sur...










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